Larry and Debbie

Deborah T. Hurst, PT

President, Hurst Physical Therapy, Inc.

B.S. Physical Therapy, University of Connecticut, Storrs CT 1975

Debbie Hurst grew up in Auburn, Maine, where she began her career in healthcare as a Junior Volunteer “Candy Striper” at Central Maine Medical Center. After graduating with a BS degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Connecticut she gained a wide experience of knowledge, having been employed at six different hospitals in five states, usually as an outpatient therapist. She also worked at Stockton Medical Group in Stockton, California with six orthopedic surgeons. Debbie has enjoyed the challenge of treating a variety of disabilities in many different types of settings including, skilled nursing, nursing homes, acute care hospital, rehabilitation units, home health and outpatient clinics. She has pooled her expertise into a multi faceted approach in relating to her patients as a total person.

As an adjunct to her profession, Debbie has been pursuing certification in cranio-sacral therapy through the Upledger Institute, Inc. in Florida. Cranio-sacral therapy is a manual technique involving gentle manipulation to relieve restrictions and imbalances in the skull and spinal column. She has found an amazing improvement in the ability to ease or eliminate migraines, treat TMJ disorders, eliminate headaches, and reduce stress or tension through these techniques.